Jessica & Chloe

I was a bit nervous when I first joined the club, and being based overseas I couldn’t be as regular as I would like – but I always feel welcome whenever I’m there, and I’m very grateful for how warm and friendly the coaches and students all are. I’ve also learnt tons in just a few lessons, and despite so many years in different sports I’ve been properly inspired to take boxing more seriously. Thank you for a wonderful summer, and I’ll be sure to return whenever I can. I definitely pull Chloe along.
I first started boxing when Jessica convinced me to join her at a training session while we were away at university. It has since become my favourite way to stay healthy both physically and mentally. The sport is also a great way for me to meet people I would otherwise not have come in contact with – and everyone has been so friendly too! Apart from boxing, I spend my time travelling and reading for a masters in English Literature, and am also training to become a teacher. In both the gym and the classroom, I am motivated by the knowledge that there is always more I can learn and do to improve my skills. Boxing has kept me grounded, and reminds me that while you might never know what to expect (both in the ring and generally) – being prepared, disciplined and pushing yourself to be stronger and better will keep you moving forward.







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