Wei Xuan, the trainer with the choir boy look.

Recently I had my first boxing match in Pride of Singapore 1 by Champs Boxing Series. I am happy that I’m able to put on a good fight and getting the win. Being involved in the fight sport all started way back in 2014 when I was just merely a fight fan following both boxing and mixed martial arts fights. I’ve always hope to experience what fighters must go through to get their hands raised at the end of the fight.

I joined canoeing as my interest group in Polytechnic, as it was something that interest me as it was a sport that is not highly available. However, I quickly realised that I was not really interested in canoeing as I always find myself watching the fight sports online but not the sport I am currently in. I’ve talked to some of my friends about it and they suggested that I should do something I enjoy when I still can, I may not have the chance in the future when I’m older. I decided to quit canoe and decide to treat boxing as a serious hobby. I then joined Legends Fight Sport.

After training for 8-9 months, Champs Boxing Series came up with Pride of Singapore 1 for amateur boxers of all levels to test themselves in the ring. Without hesitation I signed up to participate for the event as the opportunity to experience being in the ring is finally presented to me.

The preparation of Pride of Singapore 1 was a roller coaster ride. There plenty of good days of training and bad days as well. There was a period where I was constantly falling ill which caused a disruption in my training. That does cause a negative effect on how I feel mentally but I quickly overcome it as I know there is nothing I could do about it, instead I should focus on making my best out of the time to prepare for the event.

Weight cutting… oh my goodness, that is probably the hardest fight for me! Though I only have to lose 4 kg to get to flyweight category, I would have to limit my food intake by a lot as I love food and usually eat when I’m bored. Fight week was probably the toughest as I go to bed hungry and end up staying up late at midnights. While I’m awake, I tend to watch cooking shows on the internet; fried chicken was the first thing I wish to gobble down after the event!

I’m happy that the members and I have gotten closer through the preparation of Pride of Singapore 1. We are interacting with each other more, organising trainings together and constantly motivating one another to push ourselves during training. These brought up a strong sense of camaraderie among each other, getting us in a more prepared state especially during long grueling training sessions.

Come match day, I felt generally calm and relax however anxiety starts to kick in closer to my bout which resulted in me making multiple trips to the gents. Thank goodness it stopped in time. Before I even know it, I was already making my walk to the ring…

Everything just seems to happen automatically from then on wards. When the first bell rang, it felt as if I was watching myself fighting. Being in there was something surreal for me and it’s hard for me to explain what that feeling was at that time. But I enjoy my time being the ring very much though I’ve just went through 3 exhausting rounds and had moments where I must push myself to keep punching to finish the fight strong. I felt everything was moving in slow motion!

After the fight, I just felt proud of myself and thankful to have a great experience in the ring as I know I have given my best for the people who turned up for the event. Thank you for coming guys!

When it was announced I got the win, I was on cloud nine and felt relieved. Though my face did not show any excitement, I was trying hard to contain myself to avoid looking like a child getting presents during Christmas because there were cameras and I do need to stay cool. It was nice of my opponent to congratulate me for my win after we were just punching each other and we ended up following each other on our social media. This shows that despite being opponents in the ring, after the fight we still respect each other. Pride of Singapore 1 has act as a catalyst in developing a close-knit community among the boxers in Singapore!

I am currently doing my polytechnic internship in Legends Fight Sports as an assistant coach. I find joy in sharing the knowledge and experience I’ve gained in the sport. Besides, I am also passionate about people who are keen to learn. With the experience I’ve gained from Pride of Singapore 1, and guidance from the other coaches and fight team boxers at Legends, I feel that I will continue to learn and give back to everyone in the gym.

My journey continues and hope I get to interact with all of you soon! Hands up! See you at Legends.






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