Velvan Tan, our Super”boy”.

A legendary greeting to all of you, I’m Velvan and I just started my internship in Legends Fight Sport. So far, it has been quite an experience as I am now exposed to members in the classes & they are of different background. Usually after conducting classes, the members frequently have questions for me with regards to the class and I came across those who asked me about ‘Fight Cardio’. This struck me a fair bit and I feel that sharing this will be quite useful. Afterall sharing is caring.

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Some have come to talk to me about not feeling the effects of doing long distance running in improving their cardio in boxing. The questions led me to think that there are certain misconceptions of doing cardiovascular training in sports.

As an active athlete in amateur boxing, let me share what are some of the exercises I engaged in to improve my endurance in boxing which in turn will allow me to keep punching until the final bell.

  1. Anaerobic endurance (Exercises such as sprinting, box jump, burpees etc…)

  2. Amateur boxing is an anaerobic sports which includes short burst in between the 3 minutes round in the ring. In order to work on your endurance level in boxing, you got to find similar types of exercise that will benefit your endurance be it training or competing.

So here are some of the exercise I practice to build up on my anaerobic endurance.

  • Sprinting

Sprinting is one of the most common exercise that can put you into a higher intensity state of mind and let you have the experience of being in a fight because that is exactly how I feel when it’s time to let my hands go. What I do for sprint training? I will usually do a 1-2 kilometre(s) run to keep my body warmed up, I will then decide if I am building for an anaerobic endurance or an anaerobic power. If you are wondering what is the difference between ‘anaerobic endurance’ and ‘anaerobic power’? Anaerobic endurance is a 400m sprint whilst anaerobic power is when I have to do a short burst for 100m and complete it at the shortest amount of time.

  • Anaerobic endurance

In order to build up my anaerobic endurance, I will set myself a goal to complete the 400m sprint as fast as possible and try to maintain the same timing when it is coming to the end of the set. Some days I will give myself up to 5-6 sets of sprint and end with a cool-down jog around the track which is also known as a recovery run for me.

It can be really tiring at times but when you start telling yourself that every second counts in the fight, you will push through until you reach the ending point. I keep a positive mindset during sprinting sessions to push myself further; example being chased by my opponent during the fight, coming to the end of the final round and that’s when we need the extra push.


  • Anaerobic power

Now let’s talk about my favourite exercise which is known as anaerobic power. It involves 50m, 100m and 200m sprints. In my opinion, anaerobic power is as important as anaerobic endurance as boxing require a lot of short burst. Anaerobic power can also help you out in endurance training too when you start to repeat the set. When fatigue sets in, how about putting it to a point where you need just that remaining 100m or slightly more to put someone out in a fight, or that few metres to save your loved ones? Otherwise you can also have an imagination of someone that annoys you the most and you are trying to run away from it (E.g. Rizal’s voice when he sings and many more). All this little thoughts you have in your mind which will benefit you in your training will definitely benefit you in your fight, except eating too much and fails to make weight!

  • How often do I do in a week?

If I was given a choice to choose how many times I wanna do in a week, my answer is 0. But the motivation for me to put in the work is that I will reward myself before the start of the exercise to make myself feel guilty after checking my weight then put in the work in the end and reward myself after I am done with it just to make sure I will keep doing it again and again (for the food of course)! Jokes aside,  anaerobic trainings occur twice a week for me as I strongly believe that our legs need sufficient rest and doing boxing alone is also part of an anaerobic workout. For the rest of my days if you guys are curious about what I do, I do aerobic endurance too which most people have been doing; long distance running or swimming.

  • What I feel about letting these exercises intertwined with my boxing training?

Honest opinion… I’ll never be looking forward to the days when it comes to sprinting but I am here to give my assurance that this suicide training will bring out the best of you especially for competition because it prepares you. It trains your body to push harder for longer periods, improve on your cardiovascular endurance, mimics the intensity in the fight and also trains your muscle to adapt to lactic acid build up. It maximises your  power especially from your legs with explosive short distance sprints and you will feel the explosiveness in you when is time to throw hard shots in the bag, someone’s face or even when it is only shadow-boxing. I feel that it can benefit you not only physically but mentally too. I always love the post-feeling after my sprints because I know one out of the many hard work has completed. With that, I hope this article answer some of your queries and I am looking forward to see legendary peeps improving  together as one family! Keep boxing, keep learning. I am forever learning from my experiences and everyone in the gym; and I hope to make more improvements and better myself to answer any questions from you about the sweet science of boxing. Keep Punching.

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