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Muhamad Ridhwan vs Jason Butar Butar

Muhamad Ridhwan vs Jason Butar Butar, the Foo Chow Association Building, Singapore, Friday 17 Feb 2016

By Gerald Hartup Jnr

Jason Butar-Butar got caught with a short right hand and went down in the 5th round. Photo by: Rexie Boy Moras

It ended brutally and abruptly. The local boxer knew he had just landed a bomb as he coolly walked to a neutral corner. It was a well timed short right hand flush on the button that rendered the Indonesian opponent horizontal. The lower part of his body was sprawled out on the canvas with his torso half twisted and contorted with the bottom rope. The referee counted him out and waved it off. This was midway through the fifth. Ridhwan was victorious after picking himself up from the canvas in the third. It was a vicious finish to a hard fought battle.

This was a step up in level of opponent for 29 year old Ridhwan as he builds his experience in the paid ranks. Butar is a veteran of 45 fights, has fought all over Asia in some meaningful bouts and has been a professional for 11 years. As an opponent he brought a high level of conditioning and a lot of ringcraft.

Photo by: Fariqqin Anuar

Aside from the KO the huge flashpoint was in the third round. Against the flow of the fight, with about 30 seconds to go Ridhwan was caught with an overhand right which buzzed him and sent him to the floor. A little wobbly, he got up, raised his hand to the crowd to show he was OK and took an eight count. Sensing a stoppage, the aggressive Butar stormed in trapping Ridhwan against the ropes and unleashing a barrage of blows. Keeping his wits about him, Ridhwan kept a high guard, absorbed shots on his arms and gloves while slipping and weaving to keep himself a moving target and survived this ferocious test of a round.

After the scare in the third, Ridhwan regained composure and got back into the fight behind his slicker jab before the thunderous finish in the fifth.

Ridhwan and Rey worked on the jab in training and it showed in the fight. The jab was the key. Photo by: Fariqqin Anuar

Professional boxing is called the hurt business for a reason and bouts like this show us why. To get up from the canvas after a knockdown and win a fight requires physical and mental fortitude. Full credit to Ridhwan for his performance and so too to Jason Butar Butar who put in a game effort.

This dramatic shootout at the Foo Chow Association Building was in front of a noisy crowd powered up by a free flow bar which certainly added to the atmosphere. Congratulations to the promoter Scott O’Farrell of Ringstar Management who put on a fun event which gave a great platform for local boxers and included plenty of good fights on the card.

27 Feb is The Chosen Wans one year anniversary since turning professional and what a year it has been. Since debuting in Cebu, Philippines he has fought once in KL, Malaysia and four times in Singapore.

The super featherweight from Yishun can bang and is making a name for himself as a knockout artist. Five stoppages in a row from a 130 pounder is something to take note of and he is climbing the rankings quickly.

With this win Ridhwan improves his record to 6-0 (5 KOs). He is scheduled to fight again on April 8th on SFC 5 in his first 10 round bout with the WBC EPBC Silver title on the line.

TCW saluting the wild crowd for the amazing support he received that night. Photo by: Fariqqin Anuar



New Legends, Same Soul


Woah! It has been one heck of an adventure. Long days, endless nights, but extremely satisfying and worth it. I’m super excited to finally announce that Legends Fight Sport will be officially starting operations at a bigger and better location at Delta House, 2 Alexandra Road, #07-02, Singapore 159919 starting 17 September 2016 (tomorrow).

From just “a hole in the wall” in North Canal Road, we are now ready to embrace more challenges. Looking at the bigger training space now, I wonder how did we even squeeze up to 30 people in the limited space at any one time for class but hey, we did it and still managed to produce quality boxers. Of course, not to forget our members for being very understanding, patient and still continued to believe and support our goals. We may have been the smallest boxing gym in the country but our members, have the biggest hearts.

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Chris ‘Slow Mo’ – The Comeback

chris wrps

With barely a month away to Legends Unleashed, the much anticipated amateur boxing event will feature up to 34 exciting, Olympic style boxing bouts. Amateur boxers across various local gyms will come together and showcase months of hard word, discipline and sheer dedication in the squared circle, promising much thrill and exhilaration for the attending masses.

Here in Legends Fight Sport, our members too have picked up a notch in training, getting well-conditioned and ever ready for their upcoming bouts. One such individual is Christopher ‘Slow-Mo’ Sivalingam. Chris (Christopher for short) is a 37 year young, senior manager with a people management consultancy by day. Generally a sport fanatic, Chris enjoys the simple pleasures of life such as reading and having drinks with friends. But don’t let the tender age and sensitivity fool you, Chris ‘Slow Mo’ Sivalingam can pack a punch if you’re in his way.

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First post from Cebu!


Hi everyone back home! So it’s been a while since I’ve been here in Cebu, training at ALA gym daily together with world champions, had two trial fights (won both by KO! Yay!) and I am learning and adapting the best way I can. As much as I love it here, I miss being home but I know that it’s all about sacrifice and I want to come home bringing great results.

Professional fighting is a different kind of challenge and I am blessed to have this experience. Not only to experience professional boxing at the elite level but to also live like a pro fighter. It is way different than what I had imagined. There is nothing glamorous to it at all. Just like you, the guys here also wondered if I would be able to last this 2 months ‘training camp’ and I’m starting to prove that I can survive and perform. I now understand that the challenges, shortcomings and experiences (both the good and the bad) I’ve had in my amateur boxing career have helped me prepare for this moment.

In terms of training here, we train hard, twice a day. We do conditioning in the morning and a lot of boxing skills work in the afternoon. Sparring here is like a fight itself and one will never run out of sparring partners. With ALA being a well known gym in Asia, they tend to have quality boxers coming over to train. I’m looking forward to meet Donaire in February as he prepares for his fight in Manila in April! Hopefully I get the chance to spar him too.

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The Pretty Boy

Photo credits: Simon Tay
Photo credits: Simon Tay

We regularly see you train at Legends; appreciate the support. Tell us some interesting facts about yourself. What do you currently do? How do you think you can relate what you do for living and during your time in boxing? Any key similarities?

I love to eat chicken wings a lot :D. I am Currently working in the retail line and my forte is selling mobile phones. The place Im working is quite well known in Singapore!

How I can relate my line of work to boxing? I guess i can say putting in handwork and giving dedication to the tasks.

As a sales person, I have to be able to provide good customer service to those who visit the store. I also need to keep pushing and selling my products! Basically sell more, earn more. It’s all about effective promotion. Same goes to boxing, ‘train hard and have a higher chance of winning!

How long have you been training in boxing? Will Road to Glory be the first of many fights? If yes, why? If there is one cause or person you are fighting for, what or who will it be for? 

I have been training since 2012. YES, this is actually my first fight! Reason for wanting to compete is because I would love to test my skills and limits to see if i’m up for it!

I am dedicating this fight to my dad, mum, brothers, sis-in-law and especially to my girlfriend and the people of Hong Kong! 😀

In your opinion, what makes a gym great? Is Legends your first gym and if not what is the main motivation for you to train at Legends?

What is essential in a gym in my opinion are the atmosphere and the people of course!

I first started boxing at a boxing club in Robinson Road in which afterwards, I came to Legends to support the Head Coach Ridhwan and the fight team. I like his training style and his attention to details. His knowledge in the sport will help in the development of the boxers who train at Legends.

Why I keep training is of course to keep fit and be healthy. After this fight, I hope to be given the opportunity to join the fight team too! haha..


Are you excited that Singapore will be hosting the 28th Sea Games next year? In your opinion, do you think Singaporeans will be behind the boxing team?

Im definitely excited! Its easier to go to the venue and support our local boxers since it is going to be held right here at home. Singaporeans will support the local boxing team because they are doing their best and training very hard for fights whether held in Singapore or overseas. Boxing is now getting more popular in Singapore! Almost everyone loves watching combat sports, especially boxing because it is a spectator friendly sport. Easy to understand and a boxing match is full of drama and excitement. And people love that. If Singaporeans don’t take the initiative to support the boxing team, who else will. I believe Singaporeans will be patriotic and step forward to show their fighting spirit in support for Singapore’s boxing team.

Besides just boxing training, is there an extra routine or exercise which you will do to prepare for Road to Glory?

Well, It used to be RT (remedial training) with the army to work on fitness hahaha. But now, I will make sure I go for late night jogs to maintain my stamina.

Will this be your one and only fight or is this…just the beginning? What else are you looking forward to?

This will be just the beginning! hmmm… looking forward to more exciting, upcoming events and fight nights.. More of this means spreading awareness about the local boxing scene too!

What will you say to your opponent?

May the best man wins. 😀


Muhaimin ‘Bomberman’ Ibrahim

Muhaimin ‘Bomberman’ Ibrahim has been boxing close to 15 years now and besides competing, he also works as a boxing coach. He has been away from competition for quite some time but have recently decided to make a comeback. After all, he’d rather be fighting than just being a spectator on ringside.

Jia Wei_Muhaimin

There are a couple of pictures of you wearing the Green Lantern T-Shirt. What is your story behind it?
I love the color green and plus the T-Shirt looks cool!

If you can have a superpower, which power would you like to have and how it can help you with boxing? I will probably want to be invisible. I want to just disappear in front of my opponent and then hit them without them knowing! J

You have been in boxing for quite a number of years now. How long exactly and what are the highlights of this sport?

I have been in the industry for approximately 15 years now. The sport has grown tremendously compared to the past when I first joined. Boxers are getting better exposure now better in this era. When I was 14 years old, I had my first competition at Singapore Cricket club and I was the undercard for Lennox Lewis exhibition match! It was a great experience!

If you have not taken up boxing, what will you be most likely doing?

I would be doing normal activities such as skateboarding, soccer, music and killing time Lol.


You have been training at Kadir’s Boxing School (KBS) and what are some of the key things that KBS taught you other than boxing?

Kadir’s boxing School produced some of the finer boxers in Singapore. One thing I learned in KBS is to always stay humble and always be friendly. There will always be someone better and stronger than you. These traits will make us strong like a family.

You have seen the boxing scene for a bit, do you see the interest growing and in your opinion how do you think we can keep the community interested in boxing?

Yes it has definitely grown bigger and better than before. In my opinion, we should do keep what Legends Fight Sports is doing, by supporting SABA in organizing competitions, to build more exposure for the upcoming boxers and work together within the range of our boxing community.

Whats your preparations for Road to Glory and do you have any inspirational quote you want to say to your opponent?

Kadir boxing school has given me their best trainings and advice for this preparation and I have been doing this for many years. I am build not for the win nor for the lose. I am build to fight in the ring! And I will put an entertaining fight this 29 Nov! Don’t blink ur eyes!