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Some words from Legends survivors…

Clarence Reyes Bondoc

It’s our pleasure to introduce to you one of our determined lady boxer, who trains regularly in the evening classes….Clarence! Unique personality, works hard in the gym, and a great person!


Tell us more about yourself and what you do…

I’m Clarence Reyes – Bondoc, Design Executive at CD Plus A. I care less of insignificant things but neurotic on the things and people I love. I love purple (duh? obvious, my hair is purple). Shy at first, crazy talkative when comfortable. Have a sharp tongue at times (unintentional) yet sensitive to criticisms from others. I am afraid to do mistakes, reason why I lose focus when I do them. I’m serious when needed to be, in life, work and family. Don’t like making an ass out of myself but tend to do it often. I’m quite a contradiction.

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faiqSome may wonder why an individual does willingly; put themselves in a position where punches are constantly thrown to the face in the name of sports. Yet the sport of boxing has massive appreciation and continues to grow in acceptance by the masses.

Here in Legends Fight Sport, we too have many individual from all walks of life, whom walk through our doors with the same desire and utmost passion for boxing. In Legends Fight Sport, no matter if you’re rich or poor, man or woman, once you step into those doors a veiled sense of equality and the paramount passion of boxing engulfs you to reach your own legendary status.

One such legend to be is 23 year old, Faiq Zulkifli. By day, Faiq is a fitness coach himself, helping others get in shape and staying healthy. A regular face at Legends Fight Sport, he has been boxing for almost 3 months now and is loving every bit of it.

Why boxing? “I’ve always been a fan of the sport, and that was it. I’ve probably watched every boxing movie from rocky to creed and with all due respect to other forms of martial arts, I feel boxing is very tactical, similar to chess. You have to fight with your own head first before overcoming the opponent in front of you”, says Faiq.

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The Jabberwocky


Mum used to tell me stories about how my grandfather insisted upon complete silence when 2 things were on TV- the news and Muhammad Ali’s fights. I never met my grandfather but I guess a bit of that stuck and I had always wanted to try fighting.

I am glad that my foray into boxing began with Legends. It was about 6 months ago, when I had lost strength and control of my left hand (Don’t know how I got it. I honestly just woke up one morning and it would not move without pain.) What better way to fix a hand that won’t move, than by forcing it to move?

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Vinson Susilo

I joined Legends a few months ago and till today there is nothing to complain about. The training is thorough and for every session, I feel that there is always something new to learn. What makes Legends great is the fact that the coaches really have their eyes on u throughout the 1 hour session and will not let you feel that you are just going through the motion. If there are any mistakes you bet the coaches will let you know upfront. The atmosphere is great, the people; both the coaches and the students are humble.
There is almost a non existent ego in Legends. That’s what I find personally a plus point since previously i was in normal commercial gym and it became less fun due to the competitiveness. The coaches are very friendly and genuinely care about the technique and skills that the students are showing and having Ridhwan as head coach doesn’t hurt.
Personally I think he is the best boxer in Singapore so the students automatically listen when he teaches. Hafiz is very involved with the students and his passion for the sport is very obviously shown. No fooling him around in boxing. Joining Legends had been a great journey and one that I will continue to look forward to.