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The Fighting Couple

With just a week away from Legends Unleashed, Legends Fight Sport would like to wish all fighters the best of luck for their upcoming bouts. After much months of training, the stage is set for them to put on a great show for all.


Boxers throughout history have fought courageous fights, won monumental matches and even faced honorable defeats. But in the battle of the sexes, one couple stands out as the hottest bout to watch. Far ‘Han Solo’ Shah and Jade Tan, both regular faces at Legends, have brought couple fights to a whole new meaning.

When asked what it’s like to train as a couple, Farhan says “If anything she gets mad at me and she punches me harder. I have the bruises for it, I swear! In all seriousness, we’ve helped spot mistakes in each other’s games and sparred with each other, and talked about how to defeat our opponents.’ Jade expresses that “it has reminded me how much I appreciate Farhan for embracing my flaws, like my crankiness during this period of weight cutting.” Both have been boxing at Legends for a year.


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Get motivated!

To get yourself motivated is easy. Staying motivated, well, is another different story. When you have all the different challenges or troubles life throws at you and it gets a little bit too overwhelming, it’s always easier to be down and out.

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

The thing is, everyone has their own story and it’s always nice to have someone listen to our struggles, hopes and dreams. Sadly, the kind of world that we live in only shines the spotlight on those who has “made it”.

You don’t have to be a competitive fighter, an Olympian, a champion, a reputable business person or a person that “has gone through a lot” for your dream to matter. In fact, whatever reason you have to start on your fitness journey, that is a damn very good reason to hold on to. You don’t need the media or a thousand other people rallying behind you just to confirm that your dreams and goals are worth it. You know yourself best.


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This is my WHY. What’s yours?


It’s been 2 years and 4 months Legends opened its doors and since then, I’ve sat through interviews often starting or ending with questions like “WHY start Legends Fight Sport? WHY boxing?”. My answers usually revolve around passion and wanting to do what I love for a living (which is great by the way). While this is true, there are also deeper reasons.

What you are going to read on from here is a story fitting for a Legends’ anniversary dinner in a fancy restaurant. However, few events have happened that finally made now, a good time to tell this story. I hope I don’t bore you.

Truth be told, I never thought of owning a business. I don’t see myself as a business kind of person. Boxing was also never part of my life plan. I remembered clearly that I was lying down in the living room, on the sofa and it was about 11am. I just woke up but thought I might as well go back to sleep because I don’t have much to do.

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The ABCs of Sparring

Boxing sparring is an essential component of your development as a boxer. It adds a whole new dimension to your boxing training, keeping it fresh and exciting. It keeps you on your toes while you are busy mastering the art of hit and not getting hit. There is no other perfect opportunity to apply what you have been working on the pads with your trainer and the punching bags. Sparring can be fun and addictive but when it becomes more of a fight, it may destroy one’s confidence to stay in this sport.

For the past five years, I have came across various sparring partners, from the ones that builds on their game and widens their vision to the ones that merely rely on that one knock out punch. Boxing may be physical, it requires strength but you need to have the brains too. To me, it is physical chess and you need to have the ability to think few seconds ahead before deciding on your next move. To know and understand the sweet science does not come from watching a knockout but rather fights and sparring sessions that showcase the skills of a boxer.

In light to our upcoming event,Knockout, I would like to share with you the ABCs I approach before any sparring session.

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Legends Fight Night 2 Event Testimonials

The important men in white. Similar to our previous boxing events, Legends Fight Night 2 is sanctioned by Singapore Amateur Boxing Association (SABA) to ensure a safe environment for competition, fair scoring and high quality of boxing. Boxers compete in the standard competition size boxing ring under the watchful eye of experienced referees and judges who are guided by the president of SABA himself, Mr Syed Abdul Kadir.


Legends Fight Night 2 was the 2nd event King of Strength participated in. Not to mention the obvious, but Legends management team & crew did an excellent job by ensuring all 19 bouts went smoothly & were exciting. It felt so good to see such a good crowd turning up to support boxing. We are definitely looking forward to the next upcoming tournament this Nov! Hoping to see a bigger crowd & louder cheer. Keep going Legends! Kumar Perumal, Head Coach of King of Strength
“Legends Fight Night 2 was the 2nd event King of Strength participated in. Not to mention the obvious, but Legends management team & crew did an excellent job by ensuring all 19 bouts went smoothly & were exciting. It felt so good to see such a good crowd turning up to support boxing. We are definitely looking forward to the next upcoming tournament this November! Hoping to see a bigger crowd & louder cheer. Keep going Legends!”
– Kumar Perumal, Head Coach of King of Strength


LFN2 was a great event, as were the previous 3 events hosted by Legends. Great location, great atmosphere and great fights all made possible by a Legendary team. Legends finally gives  local boxers more opportunities to compete Darryl ‘Oathbreaker’ Kho, Fight G
“LFN2 was a great event, as were the previous 3 events hosted by Legends. Great location, great atmosphere and great fights all made possible by a Legendary team. Legends finally gives local boxers more opportunities to compete”
– Darryl ‘Oathbreaker’ Kho, Fight G


“Thanks Legends Fight Sport for organising yet another successful event! This was my second fight, and although I lost my fight I still had a great night. I really have to thanks all the Legends coaches for their patience in training me. It must be frustrating when techniques that have been taught are not put into practice! I promise to keep training to gain more ‘fighting fitness’. Until you have stepped into the ring it is hard to imagine just how damn hard it is to breathe for 2 mins. I have a lot of respect for every single person that competed at Fight Night.

A few of my friends who have never previously watched boxing came along and were impressed with the professionalism of the event. I was glad to be able to show them what I have been training for (and that it is not kickboxing, Muay Thai, UFC, Wii boxing, or whatever else they may think I do). Competing in front of friends (plus over 500 spectators) was pretty exciting.

I am already looking forward to the next event, Knockout. Either as a competitor or as a spectator, I know it is going to be another awesome night!”

– Dani ‘The Technician’ Anderson

LFN2 Fight/ Event Note

First of all, THANK YOU for making Legends Fight Night 2 a huge success. We have at least 520 people in attendance and it is a very heartwarming feeling to see people from different walks of life come together to support and shout for the boxers. On behalf of SABA and the Legends Team, THANK YOU for being so amazing!

To all the boxers, win or lose, I salute you. It takes a lot of sacrifice, guts and self believe to train your hardest and then step into the ring against an opponent who is more than ready to take your head off. I hope you enjoyed the experience and are now more motivated to continue boxing, either just for fitness or at another chance to step into the ring again. Now you can be an ambassador of the sport and share stories of your experience in the ring and hopefully, inspire someone else to lace up the gloves. We all need to do our part to make the sport grow. And from the looks of it, it is growing and will continue to.


And here is a quick one to all Legends boxers, I am damn proud of you! The coaching team is very proud of you. We don’t back down from a challenge and we DON’T make excuses for our losses. That is the way we are at Legends. Some of you had to go against more experienced opponents but still stood your ground and fought the best way you know, with lots of skill(before you get tired…heh heh heh), determination and heart. I am more happy and proud of how you carry yourselves in and out of the ring, in training, and after the fight. Some won, some lost, but it don’t matter now. The point is, WE LEARN. All of us….both boxers and trainers. The coaching team (Fai, Ali, Hafiz, Jaron, Jason & myself) will come together and come up with a more intensive training programme and for you boxers, just show up and give you 150%.

Before I end this post, I’ll leave you with details to our next event happening in November. If you know of anyone who might be interested to compete, let them know.



1) 15 amateur boxing bouts following AIBA rule (Affiliated gyms please contact SABA or Coach Kadir to participate)

2) Up to 20 amateur boxing bouts following Legends competition format. (2 minutes, 3 rounds, headgear, 14oz gloves)

Get the opportunity to compete alongside some of the best amateur boxers from Singapore! Percentage of ticket sales will go to SABA to help further develop the National Boxing Team. Call us at 6536 5112 or e-mail / to book yourself a spot in the fight cards. Registration ends on 30 September 2015.

*Event organized by Legends Fight Sport. Sanctioned by SABA*

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