The Secret to Strength and Conditioning

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It’s Fairuz here, the master of the ‘house of pain’ at Legends. I take the role of Head of Strength & Conditioning  and take pride in running our Legends Core classes.

After being in the fitness industry for a while now, I’ve heard many question, ‘what is the secret to increasing overall strength?’. It has always been an ideology among people that the more they put in, the more they force, they will then definitely be stronger and fitter, fast. Many fail to realise the importance of rest and the proper training methods that will help in their respective sport (in our case, boxing). There is no short cut. Sport science has evolved over the years and is able to give us a better understanding on how our body react and function in training or competition.

Diet, believe it or not, plays a major role.

For example, you can’t fill a Ferrari with cheap petrol and expect the Ferrari to perform like how a Ferrari should. Truth is, any Tom, Dick or Harry can go to the gym and carry the heaviest weight available. But it’s not very easy when it comes to the kitchen. What you put in your body is YOUR fuel. Get the drift?


One thing for sure is that there is no one perfect template for EVERYONE. Every person’s musculoskeletal system is unique. At Legends, our dedicated easy-to-talk-to trainers will give you advice on what will work for you specifically. It might take a few trial and errors but we’ll help you get there.

In this post, I’ll briefly introduce you to the special concept of ‘WORK CAPACITY’. It is the underlying element of a successful training program or class I should say. In layman terms, progressive training is taking into consideration to better your condition. Some questions that should come to mind are…When is the time to put higher volume? When is the time to increase resistance? How many sets? How many reps? How heavy? How often should I be doing this? Should this be done at the beginning of  a training session or at the end?

In training, your progression depends on your preparedness, meaning, the level your bodily system is ready to accept or absorb.

You do not want to be over-training, straining your muscles, getting injured, see a decline in your progress or worse still, BE STAGNANT!! That is when many people will just give up and eventually return to their old lifestyle. I will guide you to the next step both physically and mentally.

As the Head of Strength & Conditioning at Legends, I aim to share my knowledge and experience that I’ve build over the years with you! The world of fitness has changed my life tremendously and I’m confident that you will benefit from the training too.


Come for our ‘Legends Core’ classes to learn more about increasing your strength. I won’t lie to you. The session can be painful. However, it is extremely necessary, especially if you are a serious competitor in combat sport. Even if you don’t participate in boxing competitively, it doesn’t hurt to be stronger!

The 4 main elements to work capacity will be demonstrated to you progressively over the classes you attend. So take your first step to Legends Fight Sport and find out the secret to the elements of work capacity in Strength and Conditioning!

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The Jab

If you have been boxing for a while now, you probably would have heard the saying “If you want to be a good fighter, forget the jab. If you want to be a great fighter, use it”.

As the Head of boxing at Legends, I take the jab very seriously. I cannot emphasize enough how important the jab is. The jab helps to set up other punch combinations, dictate the pace of the fight, set your timing when in a fight and many more. I’ve won many fights with just the jab alone. The jab is so basic and simple that many boxers tend to forget to use.

The jab is not just an offensive weapon but also an effective tool for defense! Instead of blocking or slipping or rolling, you can counter just about any punch with the jab. The jab can do EVERYTHING: your offense, your defense, your entire boxing ability can measured by the skill of your jab. Some of the successful boxers to look out for on videos who throw the jab really well are Sugar Ray Leonard, Floyd Mayweather, Muhammad Ali, Oscar De La Hoya, Andre Ward etc…

I recall the times when I first started boxing close to 9 years ago with the legendary coach Syed Abdul Kadir. I would get in the gym, put on my wraps, skip close to 15 minutes non stop and then spend the rest of the night on footwork and jabbing my life away till the point my shoulders got so numb. This happened  for almost 3 months! No other punches like the hook, uppercut, body shots…nothing. And I went into my first few fights with just the jab. At that point of time, I didn’t realize how important the jab is. To be honest, I got bored. But as i’m typing this now, i’m so thankful and glad to have done what I did. Practice the jab.

At Arafura Games, Darwin, 2009
At Arafura Games, Darwin, 2009

Of course, there are many variations to the jab in boxing. You can see some of the jabs that are demonstrated in the video. Amazing thing is that, it works! (and it looks cool too when executed properly)

Since i’m still competing, I won’t reveal all of my personal jab techniques and secrets here. But I might just tell you personally at the gym. However, you can still do your own research on youtube and such to understand the jab further.  All I can say is, keep practicing the jab.Let it be second nature to you. Make the jab your weapon. Soon you’ll realize your sparring sessions or fights will somehow get easier.

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Black & White

Harlow readers!

As you can see for yourself, we have decided to start an official Legends blog site and with this, we hope to keep you updated with news and events, training tips, jokes, fight reviews, interviews, diet ideas, inspirational words/ stories that might help you give the extra boost in training, our own videos, promotions and other cool amazing stuff related to boxing or life in general.

Other than all that stuff stated above, we’re also looking to feature some of our members in this blog under the ‘Outstanding Legends’ category! Yes…we got our eyes on you people!

Watch this space for more upcoming posts!

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